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Stainless Restorations

Dont Replace it … Restore it!

When it comes to bathroom fixtures it is not always the case of ‘new is always better’.┬áMany 20+ year old stainless steel fixtures are less then half way to their ‘used by date’. Reduce your impact on the environment by restoring your existing fixtures!


Before and After Photos

Some examples of our stainless steel urinal restoration work …

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Save Time, Save Money, Save The Environment!

With more then 15 years of cleaning the biggest and dirtiest pieces of stainless steel in any bathroom ‘The Men’s Urinal’ we are sure that almost anything can be made to shine again.

Many of the latest and best selling fixtures are built for style not function. Smaller designs and hard to reach corners make for a much harder cleaning environment leading to more costly scheduled maintenance.

Our stainless steel restoration services are available to hotels, pubs, clubs, restaurants, hospitals, aged-care, schools, learning centres, public parks, event centres, airports, govt bodies, businesses etc.

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